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Our goal is to establish safety guidelines that follow suggestions from CDC in order to create the safest work environment for crew and photo shoot attendees. It is subject to change as the pandemic progresses.  Please be thoughtful and mindful of others and their safety.  This is continually changing based on CDC suggestions and lessons learned on set.

Equipment and Protocol

  • Temperature:  All photoshoot attendees will have their temperature tested via infrared thermometer upon arrival on set as well as after lunch. 

  • Masks to be provided to all crew and photo shoot attendees.  Masks MUST be worn the entire workday.

  • Gloves provided to crew and attendees.  Optional to wear.

  • Protective eyewear encouraged.  Self provided.

  • Hand sanitizer and a washing station will always be available.

  • Boxed lunches and individually wrapped snacks provided.  Breakfast is optional and additional budget would need to be provided by client.  Crew to be notified of what is being provided at each shoot.


  • All crew & shoot attendees to practice a 6ft spacing at  all times.

  • Workflow to be arranged in such a way to minimize any cross-departmental contact.

  • Communal work areas to be limited to single-department use at any time.

  • Walkie Talkies provided when needed.

Personal Responsibility

  • Sick Individuals must stay home.  Fever free for 24 hours.

  • Don’t show up if someone in your family is sick.

  • Wear protective gear, wash hands & keep social distancing.

  • If you begin to show symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within 2 weeks before or after a photoshoot or have been in contact who tests positive please report to Producer immediately.  Detailed information will be kept confidential but an exposure notice will be sent to crew/attendees.

  • We ask that you follow the CDC guidelines outside of work to reduce your risk of coming in contact with Covid-19 to keep you and everyone else safe.

  • If you have engaged in personal activities that put you at higher risk please consider not taking on the project.


  • Keep photo shoot to 10 or fewer on set.

  • Art Director being the sole Agency/Client attendee.  Additional team members and clients can view via zoom.

  • As minimal Crew as possible.  If over 10 is needed, will be spread out throughout the space.

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